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Comes the concept of quality and quality of different definitions depending on the application of this concept field. The most common definition of the concept of quality is a consensus product or service with the requirements for it completed Fitness for the Purposes or is to ensure consumer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction and it refers to the degree of quality in the Degree of Excellence product or service provided
Reliability -
Reliability refers to the restructuring of the educational institution and in proportion to the quality of their outputs. It also indicates reliability to provide the necessary requirements for excellence. There are two types of reliability: General accreditation for the entire educational institution (college, for example) and certification of your specialty / department or branch in the quality of Higher Education
The concept of quality in higher education to ensure that the procedures that ensure continuous improvement in provides a set refers to the recipient of science and knowledge, which eventually lead to the quality of the educational process outputs. Quality assurance process designed to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of the institution and ensure that the receiver on the competencies required for specialization and includes four stages:
Planning: Create goals necessary to achieve the desired results and implementation processes: implementation of the required measures
Verification: monitor and evaluate the implementation process through test results and compare them with the targets set in advance
Work: the application of the necessary actions to improve results
Why quality assurance in higher education?
The overall objective of quality assurance in higher education is to ensure the following:
1. educational institution work according to the criteria and targets them in advance.
2. learner acquire information, knowledge and skills required
Through :
First, determine the academic standards
Second: academic quality requirements Third: academic quality assurance and control
Fourth, enhance academic quality - the difficulties of quality assurance in higher education
1. educational process is a long-term process.
2. There are no specific criteria specifications and quality standards as in production and other services areas.
3. The educational process is the process of rotatory.
4. educational process their environment and community environment greatly affected
5. Education different standards in different environments.
6. feedback a significant impact on the overall educational process
7. different objectives for the same programs in different institutions
- Quality Requirements in Higher Education (institutional requirements (
Total quality concepts centered around the following themes:
1. Academic and Related Services buildings
2. The administrative and academic structure
3. cadres
4. Libraries
5. Admission requirements
6. Education and learning resources
7. buildings and other support services
8. information systems and promotion of information technology
- Specialization requirements or program
1. study plans and curricula
2. supporting cadres
3. students
4. specialized books, magazines, periodicals, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other laboratories, workshops, etc.
the quality -

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