Department of Arabic Language

Vision of Department :

Rumor classical Arabic on the lips of the community to become the daily performance of the language by setting surrounding the generations reached theoretically and practically, knowing its sources heritage and trendy, very proud of linguistic identity and the value of civilization, empowered to teach the most convenient ways and the best, able to create and innovate and keep abreast of developments in their field of specialization. About the section:

Department Mission:
To provide students with the skills of the Arabic language at different levels and enable it to apply that process and educational practice, and the creation of linguistic Queen has to possess the corner of the statement, understanding and Altfahim, and its relevance to their heritage to build a promising tomorrow, and set it up to be a landmark leader.

Department goals:
Enlighten the students of the importance of the Arabic language and culture cherished rooting for him.
San calendar to the student and to promote linguistic Queen has a capacity for understanding, listening, speaking and writing literary Using his knowledge of the rules of Arabic grammar and conjugation and eloquence.
Students know the history of Arabic literature in various days through, search and proficiency in Arabic and literature issues and resolve problems that may be contained in it.
Students gain the ability to teach Arabic to follow pedagogical methods in language teaching, and follow-up with emerging knowledge and experience related to the ways of public and private teaching and skills required by the knowledge that the necessary application.
The development of self-search for knowledge among students what can be distinguished them from developing their own abilities and to continue their higher studies in the fields of well-known specialties.

About the Department :

It  founded with the establishment of the college in the sixth month of 2009, to be the first Department opens at the college together to the Department of the Koran and Islamic education, and the department awards a BA in Arabic Language Certificate and Literature. The Department seeks to have the requested language skills when they graduate ,literary knowledge, and teaching methods appropriate for the exercise of their work with the extended small age groups from kindergarten through middle third.


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