About Faculty


Our college is a scientific and educational platform leading its broad and active presence regionally and globally



Building  thoughtful educational capabilities in preparing competent teachers and creative researchers who are able to promote the educational field in Iraq, and conducting educational research to solve social problems, and re-shape the world of teaching and learning in order to ensure the scientific competition to meet the needs of society.


-Graduate  student provided with knowledge and science, and prepared to be a conscious teacher qualifying to build society scientifically and psychologically.

-construct scientific personality of undergraduate basing on the self-possession of knowledge.

-form  programs for teachers, updating their knowledge , preparing scientific researches and  contributing in developing of  the level of basic education, and consistent with the needs of the community                                                        .

Rehabilitate  of employees in various functions to contribute to the educational process.                            

- Openness to the community in various activities that contributes to the promotion of it cognitively and morally.



The Faculty of Basic Education consists of three academic Departments and with over 300 academic, administrative and technical staff as well as 4,000+ undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is also offering a wide range of support and study opportunities in Arabic and Sciences of Koran.



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